Myanmar is a very mysterious destination. This country opened its frontiers few years ago and kept its identities and culture untouched, which makes us say that it’s the most preserved destination of South East Asia. Discover a contrasted and rich country, living at the pace of Buddhism traditions, from the impressive 2.000 temples of Bagan plain to the peaceful floating life of Inle Lake. 
Well-known for the kindness of its inhabitants, always ready to share with travelers legends and myths of their country, Myanmar has been many times nominated in Top of unspoilt destinations to discover since few years. 


Available at Burmese Embassies or by E-Visa: $50 (> 28 days)*

*Not for every nationalities


Burmese Kyat (ကျပ်)
1€ = 1.621mmk

$1 = 1.355mmk


Vaccine recommended by embassies:
Typhoid ; Rabbies ; Japanese Encephalitis


Burmese language


Myanmar culture is very complex and particular. The most preserved country of South East Asia still observes many ancient traditions and norms which make the charm of the country.
The art is based on Buddhist and Hindu cosmology and myths. Burmese culture knows 10 traditional arts: Blacksmith ; Woodcarving ; Goldsmith ;  Stucco reliefs ; Masonry ; Stone carving ; Turnery ; Painting ; Lacquerware ; Bronze casting.
Two other beautiful arts of Myanmar are music and traditional clothing, very elegant. 

Myanmar lives at the pace of religion ceremonies and rituals and most of its norms and values find their influence in Buddhism.


In Myanmar, 135 ethnic groups are recognized by the Burmese gouvernment. With the arrival of Aung San Suu Kyi in the new gouvernment, hope is stronger than ever to recognize the last ethnies, that don't hold citizenship yet (as Rohingya and anglo-burmese people).

Today, Myanmar counts 8 major groups: the Bamar ; the Chin, ; the Kachin ; the Kayah, ; the Mon ; the Rakhine and the Shan. Allocated in the countryside, mountains and lakes regions where they hardly work as farmer or fisherman.
Amasia Travel is committing to a sustainable development to work closely to local minorities and help them to be actor of tourism industry.



Myanmar has a tropical climate, sometimes difficult to handle while traveling. Combining two main seasons, Myanmar climate is complex. During the raining season from mid-May to October, rain can be very important and cause serious flooding in coastal and mountainous regions. In same time, some plains areas can be very dry. The second season is dry and fresh, perfect to travel, from November to mid-February. An intermediary season, from mid-February to May could bother travelers because of intense temperature.

December to March

April to July

August to November










Generally sunny


with possibility of rain

Raining season (high humidity rate)


The gastronomy is an important part of Burmese culture. Taking advantage of the various influence from China, India and Thailand, Burmese dishes are also so various thanks to the myriad of specialties from local minorities. 

The basic ingredients are rice, wheat, noddles, potatoes, ginger, tomatoes, tea leaves (lahpet) and ngapi (fish paste). Meat is expensive in Myanmar, so local people prefer fish products as the country is a "lake heaven" providing a good variety of fish species.

Everyone can enjoy this tasteful art of Myanmar, with really reasonable price. Count $3 for one dish and a drink.

Shan Style Rice

This specialty of Intha people, named Htamin Jin, is a delicious dish for garlic lovers. It combines fermented or fresh rice kneaded with boiled fish, fresh tomato paste and mashed potatoes. The dish is completed by garlic roots, oil, etc.



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Myanmar, mysterious destination, opened its frontiers few years ago and kept its cultures that make us say that it’s the most preserved country ... Myanmar, mysterious destination, opened its frontiers few years ago and kept its cultures that make us say that it’s the most preserved destination of South East Asia. Discover with your passionate local guide a contrasted and rich country, living at the pace of Buddhist traditions.

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Downstream of Irrawaddy

Irrawaddy river is a life source for a big part of the country. All along this capricious river, you will admire the incredible treasures of Myanmar Kingdoms and Buddhist religion. This journey will takes you to the most beautiful monuments of the country. Prepare your camera, you will not be disappointed!  



Mandalay is a very dynamic city, center of all transportation lines of the center of Myanmar. As many cities in this country, you will find a multitude of pagodas  and temples. But the most impressive part of Mandalay is all former capitales around as Ava, Saigaing, Mingun and Amarapura. Of course, the must-see of this last capitale is certainly the U-Bien Bridge, longest teak bridge of the world offering an incredible sunset for those who wait.

Why this destination?

Perfect for cycle lovers and family moments

To take breathtaking pictures of Amarapura during sunset

For a first stopover in Myanar classic itinerary



You may not know that Bagan is a familiar place for you. Why? If you think Myanmar, you imagine this beautiful photo you already saw on magazine or internet of the Plain of 2.000 Temples in light fog at sunset. Built in early Xth century, these multitude of temples offers an impression of fairy tale and will certainly charm you, despite of the bad conditions of few of its. Due to earthquakes in 1975 and 2016 followed by bad renovations, this treasure is not registered by UNESCO.
Don't miss also the temple on the Mount Popa, a sleeping volcano, hosting the 37 Nats of Myanmar (Spirits). 

Why this destination?

Perfect for cycle lovers and family moments

To search as an adventurer the best spot for sunset

For a second stopover on a classic itinerary



The former capitale of Myanmar, is the biggest city of the country in term of inhabitants. Influenced by British, Burmese, Chinese and Indian architecture style, Yangon is known for its colonial architecture remaining an almost unique example of a 19th-century British colonial capital.
Very rich, the city offers you an excellent adventure. Live the culture shock and enjoy to be "lost in translation", from a monument to another, feeling the kindness of Yangon people.

Why this destination?

Discovery of Myanmar's history in Yangon streets

To observe silently the fervor of Burmese in Shwedagon Pagoda

For a city getaway in a human-sized capital

Through Burmese countryside

Across the countryside of Myanmar, you become a Burmese villager, slowly walking along the ricefields, greeting lovely villagers on your way. The immersion is total in this country recently opened to foreigners. Burmese people will open their arms and tell you the story of their family while making you discovering the charming richness of the country: the relation between human and nature.



Kalaw is the paradise of trekker. Many places are really nice to hike in Myanmar but Kalaw is most accessible for all level of trekker and the easier to add to an itinerary in the country. Minority villages offer an excellent opportunity to discover the real Myanmar, dailylife rhythmed by cultivation and handicraft making. This charming area, with its valleys and fields on the side of hills and mountains, propose beautiful trek trails to then reach the Inle Lake. A total adventure!

Why this destination?

Perfect for trekking addicts and adventure lovers

To learn more about Pa O minority

For an original trip far from beaten tracks

Inle Lake 


Inle Lake is synonym of elegance and peaceful trip. This destination is very impressive, discovering the dailylife on the lake, the believes depending of water and nats. 
Well-known for its fishing technic, fishermen standing on one leg, to use the other one to row and manage the traditional creel, this lake will offer you a quiet getaway. 
The amazing villages on the lake, perched on stilts combine home and garden, with an ingenious system of cultivation on the water.

Why this destination?

Perfect for families and authenticity lovers

To discover temples and local minorities dailylife around the lake

For a relaxing and refreshing getaway 



To visit this restricted area, you need to ask for a permit at the capitale. This city is well-known for its gem mines. Here, Burmese people will make you discover their job, all related to gem industry. Mining. Sorting. Cut. Sale. It's a very good opportunity to learn about all the work needed before the moment you buy jewelery in your country. Mines can be visited with another permit to observe the hard work of locals.
The countryside around will charm you to ramble before joining your next destination.

Why this destination?

Perfect for slow travel lovers

To discover gem extraction and work in a specialized region

For an original trip far from beaten tracks




​Located at the extreme North of Myanmar, Putao is the gate to Himalaya. It can be surprising but Myanmar is not too far from the top of the world. This area is for true adventurers, used to hike at difficult level and not afraid to be cold.
It's not a touristic region as only few hotels have the license to accommodate foreigners, giving a furious envy to adventurers to join this region.If you're a serious hiker, well trained, count a minimum of four days and three nights for a your trekking.

Why this destination?

Perfect for serious adventurers lovers and mountains addicts

To get closer to the magestic Himalaya massif

For an original trip (need to be prepared and chosen seriously) 



Hpa-An is a quiet and peaceful aread,not invaded yet by tourists. Its landscapes and beautiful Buddhist monuments are charming as Lumbini garden, a plain full of Buddha statues and Saddar Cave - back from the cave with a dugout, a relaxing experience. This preserved region will make all photo lovers totally satisfied.
Don't forget a long detour to the famous Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, golden rock at the edge of a mountain, really surprising and impressive!

Why this destination?

Perfect for photograph lovers and slow travelers

To be taken on a dugout thought Saddar Cave

For a 2 days trip from Yangon in a peaceful atmopshere


Coasts of Myanmar

Discovering Myanmar coast isn't a normal beach getaway. It's first an incredible opportunity to learn about the everyday life of fishermen and farmers, depending on the weather and the sea. For the moment, seaside is not exploited as the rest of South East Asia, proof is that only few hotels face the sea. That makes the experience even greater, to discover this unspoilt region. 

Mergui Archipelago 


Mergui Archipelago, located in Myanmar peninsula, combines over 800 beautiful islands. Due to its virtual isolation, the islands and surrounding seas are alive with an amazing diversity of flora & fauna and very beautiful underwater scenes and marine life. Mergui has nothing to envy from Thailand islands. Its splendid landscapes and seaside will totally charm you for a quiet getaway, far from tourism craziness of Ko Samui or Phuket.

Why this destination?

Perfect for desert island seekers

To discover the marine life in beautiful lagoons

For a longer and adventurous beach break



The most famous beach of Myanmar, Ngapali is one of the first destinations of the country which was opened to tourists. Now that Myanmar is developing more and more tourism activities, Ngapali is the place where you can find hotels and establishments with international standards.
Really appreciated for its long and beautiful white sand beach, not crowded as others.
Villages around offer a good opportunity to discover daily life of fishermen while rambling in quiet streets. And why not joining fishermen on there boat on the bay?

Why this destination?

Perfect for couples and romantic getaway

To enjoy water activities and authenticiy of the seaside

For a short beach break before departure

Ngwe Saung & Pathein 

ငွေဆောင်  -  ပုသိမ်မြို့ 

Ngwe Saung was a little village, dwelling its own fishing daily life before Myanmar opening. Following the well-known Ngapali Beach, Ngwe Saung opened itself to tourists to show to the world beautiful beaches and sea views, keeping its authenticity. 
Not too far from this coastal station, Pathein, a nice town, fifth of the country where it's possible to discover the beautiful art of sunshade making.

Why this destination?

Perfect for authenticity lovers

To make your own Burmese sunshade with locals

For a beach break before departure from Yangon

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