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March 9, 2017


Today, Amasia Travel is contributing to a sustainable and responsible tourism, we will introduce a worrying, but still present, phenomenon in Thailand, the mistreatment on tigers.

Visit a tigers temple to get closer to it, to touch it and especially to take a selfie with it because it’s exotic, it’s THE cliché of tourists to complete their photo album... But concretely, it’s a real trap for tourists and these wild animals. Behind the scene, it’s totally different.

Be mistaken, there is no place where you can approach tigers for the simple and good reason that they are wild!
In reality, you will not see wild tigers in a sanctuary but tigers imprisoned in bad conditions, whose their daily life is synonymous with torture. Tigers have dietary deficiencies as fed with boiled meat and cat food to do not get used of the taste of blood, monks drug it to stay calm in the company of tourists and apply free mistreatment. In summary, a real loss of identity and freedom. Many inspections and hidden cameras missions show to the public these unacceptable practices but unfortunately it has been without effect on this juicy business.

Many tiger temples have excellent communication focused on their role of "tiger saviors" victims of poaching, unfortunately communication is more than good, as we can see with the "Tiger Temple" of Kanchanaburi in Thailand. A temple where monks welcome more than 900 tourists from all over the world every day ...

Visiting this type of temple, it’s mean that we participate to an unhealthy business!

We shouldn’t forget that these animals are wild and deserve to be respected by man so let’s contribute to restore their freedom by boycotting this type of inhuman places and prefer to visit the wonders of Asia that have so much to give. 

Our team is committed in animal protection by selecting careful places to visit to offer you the best responsible travel experience. If you want to organize an exceptional stay while respecting our environment, contact us.

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