This country is well-known for its beaches, islands and parties but Thailand is not limited like that. As Vietnam or Myanmar, Thailand offers an incredible diversity of cultures and landscapes which would make every member of the family happy. Thailand richnesses will take you to the buzzing Bangkok capital, the historical region of Kanchanaburi and Ayutthaya, the rich mountainous regions its numerous hilltribe minorities and the paradise beaches and islands.


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Thai Baht (‎฿)
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Vaccine recommended by embassies:
Typhoid ; Rabbies ; Japanese Encephalitis


Thai Language


Thai culture is a great deal of influence from india, China, Cambodia and some other aspects of Southeast Asian countries. This buddhist country is interesting with all its aspects.

Thai outfit, Chut Thai, is still used regularly by the population (bluse and sabai for women and pants, Raj pattern shirt and sabai for men).
The respect of hierarchy is important in Thailand, especially to their beloved King. Every morning at 8am and evening at 6pm, national anthem is broadcasted everywhere  and population has to stop and pay attention in silence to the flag and the King.
Arts in Thailand are well-known all around the world: the famous colorful architecture ; Ram Thai, main dramatic dancing art ; Muay Thai, famous kickboxing art. ​


Today, Thailand counts 70 ethnic groups, but only 62 are recognized by Thai gouvernment. After 1900-2000s conflicts in neighbors countries, minorities population is always changing, moving were they could be accepted. During darkest periods of Myanmar and Cambodia, Thailand was refuge for many Karen and Khmer people. in 2013, 25% of ethnic population was Lao, 2.3% was Khmer Leu and 0.6% was Karen.
Nowadays, all these minorities hand down their traditions and knowledge adapting it to the nation's modernity. Amasia Travel is committing to a sustainable development to work closely to local minorities and help them to be actor of tourism industry.



Thailand, as many other countries of the region, has a tropical climate. Three different seasons can be determined: the hot temperature season with high humidity rate, from March to Mid-May (heatwave in the area of the capital, Bangkok) ; the raining season from Mid-May to October (November and December for the East of the peninsula) ; the dry season, more fresh from November to February (can be very cold in North mountains).

October to March

April to June

July to September










Generally sunny


with possibility of rain

Raining season (high humidity rate)


It's certainly the most well-known gastronomy of the world, Thai food is a myth for many foodies. 
Incredible source of inspiration for all chefs of the world, Thai gastronomy is demonstrating "intricacy, attention to detail, texture, color, taste and the use of ingredients with medicinal benefits, as well as good flavor"
                                          - Thai Chef Mc Dang

Using all wonderful products of Thailand, wide range of herbs and spices, tasty seafood, delicious meats and vegetables, Thai dishes combine five fundamental tastes: sour, sweet, salty, bitter and spicy. In 2011, seven of Thai specialties have being mentioned on the Top 50 of World's most delicious food by CNN Travel.

Everyone can enjoy this delicious art of Thailand, with really reasonable price. Count $2 for one bowl of Tom Yum and a drink.

Som Tum

6th World's most delicious food, this spicy green papaya salad comes from the Northeast state of Isaan. Sweet, sour and spicy, it's a fine mix of garlic, chilies, green beans, cherry tomatoes and raw papaya.

Culinary Trips



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Essential of Thailand is the best way to discover the true Thailand. This country is well-known for its beaches, islands and parties but Thailand is not limited like that. As Vietnam or Myanmar, this country offers an incredible diversity of cultures and landscapes which would make every member of the family happy...

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Plains of Thailand

Could be considered as Thailand center, its plains take you to a historical journey across kingdoms and Buddhist legends. From the incredible buzzing capital of Bangkok, to the beautiful Khao Yai National Park, one of the biggest forest of Asia named as UNESCO's World Natural Heritage site. You will be surprised and charmed by historical  temples and monuments that you will bump into. 



Second capital of Siam Kingdom, between XIVth and XVIIIth century, this well built city was an important hub at this period for world business. Surrounded by three rivers linked to the sea, the city-state was protected from attacks and flooding on the hill. Burmese army totally destroyed Ayutthaya in 1767, letting only ruins. It's now an incredible archeological site, registrered as UNESCO treasures, witness of the flourishing period of Siam Kingdom.

Why this destination?

Perfect for slow travel and photo lovers

To discover the history of Siam Kingdom and so Thailand

For a one day trip from Bangkok



Very famous destination of world tourism industry, this cosmopolitan city seduces a big community of expatriates from the whole world. 
Bangkok mixes traditional and modern architecture which provides a true charm to Thai Capital.
Get lost in one of the many narrow alleys of night markets, be impress by temples and palaces all along your way to a fantastic shopping moment, let yourself be carried along the canal in the mess of floating markets, be amazed by the world class street food of the capital.

Why this destination?

Perfect for contrast & tradi-modern lovers

To discover Thai markets and amazing districts

For an introduction of Thailand before starting a trip

Khao Yai 


Founded in 1962, this national park is the third biggest in Thailand. The park covers an area of 2,168 square kilometres, including rain forests and grasslands. 1,351 m high Khao Rom is the highest mountain within the park. 
Khao Yai is a paradise for trekking lovers and travelers who want to discover the rich flora and fauna of Thailand. You can meet elephants, bears, gaurs, barking deer, otters, gibbons, macaques. But, many passionnate travelers come for reptile and bird observation.

Why this destination?

Perfect for trekking and soft adventures lovers

To discover flora and fauna of Thailand

For a total immersion in villages and dailylife of local communities



This city known all around the world thanks to the film and the book eponym, Kanchanaburi is just a rallying point to discover the highlights around. For sure, you will visit the WWII museum and the Kwai Bridge, sadly known for 25.000 persons who dead to build it.
Close to Kanchanaburi, a must-see place, Erawan national park: hike in the forest to reach one of the many waterfalls of crystal water and be amazed by these haven of peace.

Note: Due to Amasia Values, we don't propose a visit of Tiger Temple which is for us totally not acceptable.

Why this destination?

Perfect for family and slow travel lovers

To enjoy a dream swim in crystal water of a waterfall

For a short getaway far from buzzing cities


Mountains of Thailand

South East Asia is truly a trekking and cycling paradise for adventurers. Thai mountains permit you to enjoy these awesome experiences with all your family. North region of Thailand offers many opportunities for adventurers but also for occasional sportsmen who want to discover the region at their own pace. What an incredible experience for your teens to discover the life of same age Thai children in the mountainous Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai! More than a travel, a human experience.



Capital of the first Siam Kingdom from XIIIth to XIVth century, Sukhothai has a special architecture mixing regional tradition and neighbors influences, what makes the UNESCO treasure a unique archeological spot. Dwelling many impressive monasteries this capital is now a beautiful witness of Siam Kingdom power at the foot of Thai mountains region.
Cyling in this historical site will give you the impression to come back to the past and kings period.

Why this destination?

Perfect for cycling & authenticity lovers

To learn more about Siam history and legends

For a short stopover before reaching Chiang Mai

Mae Hong Son 


Far from the buzzing Thai destinations, Mae Hong Son region is a little paradise squeezed in mountains, offering peaceful rides, moments of sharing in minority villages and excellent photogenic spots.
Well-known by adventurers, this region is one step of the Mae Hong Son Loop, crossing villages, beautiful little passes before joining Chiang Mai. "Only" 762 turns from the last step to Chiang Mai ... you can imagine the sensational road trip possible there by bicycle or motorbike.

Why this destination?

Perfect for motorcycle trip lovers

To enjoy a peaceful experience in one of the beautiful lodges

For a photogenic and original getaway

Chiang Mai 


The famous Chiang Mai, situated in the North mountains of Thailand, is now a big touristic hub, second touristic destination of the country.
The city is invaded by travelers and became better as a place to stay at night than a city to visit. We advice to travelers to get lost far in the countryside to discover the true unspoilt Chiang Mai area, with its charming villages, its excellent trekking trails and the kindness of minorities always ready to give a you an introduction to their cultures.

Why this destination?

Perfect for trekking and soft adventures lovers

To be immerse yourself in one of the many hilltribes

For a photogenic and refreshing getaway

Chiang Rai 


Founded in 1262 as the capital of the Mengrai Dynasty, Chiang Rai retains a strong Lanna identity, mostly through its impressive collection of temples, art, language, cuisine and music.
The city is much more relaxing than Chiang Mai with a pleasant atmosphere.
Excellent starting point for hilltribe trekking and day excursion in tea and rice fields, Chiang Rai will charm you. Share with local communities and come back with unforgettable memories and handmade beautiful handicraft well negotiated on the market. 

Why this destination?

Perfect for trekking and soft adventures lovers

To be immerse yourself in one of the many hilltribes

For a photogenic and refreshing getaway

Golden Triangle 


​Located where Laos, Myanmar and Thailand meet, the region we call "Golden Triangle" is a former nerve center of Opium traffic.
Today this region is very popular for tourists who love the idea to be in three countries in the same time. It's possible to reach one Laos island on the river, without visa.
The area is also interesting to discover the opium past of the region and learn about neighbors handicrafts, as Burmese lacquerware and Lao textile.

Why this destination?

Perfect for curious travelers and culture lover

To take a photo of three countries in same time

For a one day trip from Chiang Rai 

Coasts of Thailand

We can't go to Thailand without a beach break in one of its breathtaking islands. We all know these coastal treasures, Phuket, Koh Samui or Koh Phi Phi. You can't miss the opportunity to relax and improve your tan before going back home. Or, of course, discovering the incredible charms of its fauna and flora.

Phang Nga Bay 


Everybody knows about this bay thanks to James Bond movies, as two were filmed there. But it's not the only reason to visit this beautiful bay and its 42 islands. Protected by the national park of Ao Phang Nga, this place looks like the Halong Bay in some part, with its limestone cliffs dwelling many birds species. Take a kayak, a cruise or just a rest on a beach to admire this world wonder.

Why this destination?

Perfect for farniente lovers

Be like 007 in The Man with the Golden Gun and Tomorrow never dies

For a one day trip from Phuket



This former business hub for Malaysian and Chinese traders is today one of the most famous seaside station on earth. Armed with sino-colonial architecture and its paradise islands, Phuket is one of the favorite destinations for expatriates in Asia, Asians and backpackers.
The city is perfect for a place to stay and travel around, as Phuket is very close to the land part of the Ao Phang Nga national park Khao Lak Lam Ru national park.

Why this destination?

Perfect for farniente lovers

To be an explorer and find unspoilt spots in jungle of national parks

For a short beach break before departure