Vit Nam

North and South, Mountain and Beach, Old and New. Vietnam is truly a country of contrasts. The North tempts the adventurous with rugged mountains and limestone karsts in the Northwest, majestic Ha Long Bay and the ancient-modern capital Hanoi. Head to the centre to find yourself wandering through beachside towns or seeking cool escapes on highland plateaus. Further South finds you living large in the heart of modern Ho Chi Minh City or perhaps lazily cruising along the Mekong river through endless rice paddies.


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Typhoid ; Malaria ; Japanese Encephalitis


Vietnamese language
Tiếng Việt




Vietnamese culture is very impressive and splendid. Influenced during many years by  different invasions as the French and Chinese ones, the country kept it identity of strong and patriotic people. After fighting to protect their nation, Vietnamese enjoy now a moment of deserved peace.
But today brings a new battle to Vietnam, preserve the identity in front of the globalization of the world.  Arts, handicrafts, traditions, minorities became a new priority to the people proud of their origins.




One of the richness of Vietnam is its ethnical diversity. Not less than 54 minorities (15% of the population) hand down their  traditions and knowledge despite of the hard pressure of modernity and new norms and values of the nation.

These kind communities will welcome you in the North of the country as well as the highlands of Vietnam Center. Amasia Travel is committing to a sustainable development to work closely to local minorities and help them to be actor of tourism industry.



Vietnam combines two different climates in the same territory: a tropical and a temperate climate. The first one, located in Center and South is characterized by monsoon periods and considerable amount of sun. Regions located near the tropics and in the mountainous regions a climate similar to West Europe region with four different seasons.

December to March

April to July

August to November










Generally sunny


with possibility of rain

Raining season (high humidity rate)


The gastronomy in Vietnam is one of the most interesting sightseeing of the country. Taking advantage of the various influences for its historical past and the three different climates of it long territory, Vietnamese food truly satisfies everyone. 

The basic ingredient is rice, of course, with countless herbs and vegetables, often served with chicken, pork or beef meat. The perfect balance between sour and salty taste, spicy and soft taste, hot and cold taste is the speciality of the Vietnamese culinary art.

Everyone can enjoy this delicious art of Vietnam, at very reasonable price. Count $2 for one big bowl of noodles with herbs and pork and a drink.


Noodle soup consisting of broth, rice noodles called bánh phở, a few herbs, and meat, primarily made with either beef or chicken. It's the most popular street food in Vietnam.

Culinary Trips



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Essential of Viet Nam is an extraordinary journey through our beloved country. It will leave you with many precious memories to last you a lifetime. It takes you from the great capital of Hanoi all the way to the trendy Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), passing by the mysterious Halong Bay, the delicious Hue & Hoi An.and the colorful Mekong Delta ...

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North of Vietnam

The region bordered by China and Laos is a true paradise for adventure lovers. Offering incredible moutain and plain landscapes, North of Vietnam is an oasis of calm. Discover the culture of Vietnam in one of the most beautiful rice paddies on earth, share a typical dinner in a house on stlits with your hosts, take a nap on a traditional junk's sundeck cruising Halong Bay, get lost in the modern-traditional Hanoi. 


Hà Giang & Highlands 

For us, Ha Giang province is one wonder of the world for sure. It's where you will find the most impressive and incredible landscapes of Indochina. Mountains, rice paddies, perched villages, valleys, this region is one of the best of the world for motorcycle lovers who travel by road trip. Many minorities live there and preserve their cultures for years and years.

Why this destination?

Perfect for trekking and motorbike lovers

To immerse yourself in one of many cultures

For a breathtaking and photogenic getaway

Mai Châu & Pù Luông 

In a preserved environment, this destination is offering a breathtaking experience of rural life in Vietnam. Off the beaten track of tourism industry, 150km away from Hanoi, these valleys host many different communities of Thai and H'Mong cultures. Well-known for its wonderful welcoming in all homestays in traditional houses, Mai Chau and Pu Luong are perfect destinations for travelers needing fresh air and immersion possibility.

Why this destination?

Perfect for cycle lovers and family moments

To discover Thai and H'Mong cultures

For a short getaway from buzzing cities

High in the mountains of North-West Vietnam, Sapa is home to a number of ethnic minority communities specializing in hand-weaving and Sapa is famed for its spectacular vistas and excellent trekking, including the opportunity to climb Fansipan Mountain, South-East Asia’s highest peak. In winter the fog rolls in and Sapa becomes a romantic, mist-shrouded retreat perfect for nights around the fireplace. Head here for authentic homestays, a wide variety of walking tours around in typical villages and markets and spectacular views over terraced rice-paddies.

Sapa & Northern Markets 

Why this destination?

Perfect for trekking and soft adventures lovers

To experience the night trains as a local to Lao Cai

For a total immersion in villages and dailylife of local communities

Hà Nội 

A thousand years of history are written on the streets of Hanoi, with depth and color added by the many diverse influences the city has felt over this time. A city that has managed to both embrace modernity yet still proudly uphold centuries-old traditions, the old and the new collide every day in these streets and alleys and yet both always seem to find their place. Head here for a lively street culture, organized chaos on the roads, a thriving contemporary arts scene and French architectural style. 

Why this destination?

Discovery of Vietnam's history in Hanoi streets

To enjoy the delicious street food of Hanoi

For a city getaway in a human-sized capital

Ninh Bình 

Located 100km south of Hanoi, Ninh Binh is an increasingly popular destination in the North of Vietnam. Ninh Binh province’s appeal is due to its rich cultural heritage and spectacular natural scenery of towering limestone karsts, mountains, rivers, grottos and unspoiled forests. Ninh Binh also proudly holds the title of the first imperial capital of Vietnam. Head here for rivers, churches and the perfect leisure cycling destination! 

Why this destination?

Perfect for trekking and cycling lovers

To admire the particular landscape of Land Halong Bay

For a refreshing one day trip in the countryside 

Hạ Long Bay 

A highlight of any trip to Vietnam, Ha Long Bay is recognized as one of the seven natural wonders of the world. A mystical landscape of sheer limestone karsts rising from still green waters, caves, grottos and spectacular sunsets. Head here for life-long memories, spectacular scenery and dreamy days aboard a luxury cruise boat. 

Why this destination?

Perfect for a romantic getaway and couple trips

To enjoy kayaking in a movie scenery around floating villages

For a short getaway to relax and take breathtaking photos


Center of Vietnam

The beauty of the Center of Vietnam no longer has to be proved. Less known by travelers than the rest of Vietnam, this region has so many richnesses to discover. The most narrow part of the country combines splendid mountains along the coast, quiet plains and typical villages as well as most spectacular caves of the world. Many charming historical cities propose amazing hotels and guesthouses to complete your perfect experience of the center.

Hue, historical witness of the country, was the capital of 9 reigns of Nguyen. Charming and authentic, this city takes you back to the times of emperors and French colony. Well preserved, Hue still shares its culture aspects and intangible heritage, values of wisdom and spirit of Vietnam.
Let's discover this beautiful town by slow travel, after a night on the train. Take a bicycle and discover wonders as the "Forbidden City" of Hue, the perfume river, and the many pagodas and temples.



Why this destination?

Perfect for families & authenticity lovers

To learn more about Vietnam history and legends

For a two days stopover before reaching Hoi An

The ancient town, Hoi An, recognized as a World Heritage Site, will take you on a romantic and historic journey of sights, sounds and tastes. The beach of Cua Dai has fabulous white sand and clear blue waters offering safe swimming.​
Cu Lao Cham is in fact a little group of islands, only 18 km off the coast of the well-known Hoi An. Many small fishing villages, desert beaches with turquoise water welcome you for a snorkeling session in this UNESCO biosphere reserve. 

Hội An & Cham Islands 


Why this destination?

Perfect for families and authenticity lovers

To enjoy tailor-made art and typical beautiful handicrafts

For a romantic or relaxing getaway

Nha Trang 

Situated on one of Vietnams finest beaches, Nha Trang is more than a resort town, it is also gateway to some of the country’s great holiday attractions. Head here to swim, parasail or waterski on the calm bay, dive amongst colorful fish, ride the world’s longest cable-car to Vinpearl Island theme park and eat some of Vietnam’s best and freshest seafood.

Why this destination?

Perfect for slow travel lovers

To enjoy water activities and authenticiy of the seaside

For a beach break before departure from Vietnam

Sơn Đoòng & others caves 


Discovered in 1991 in the National Park of Phong Nha - Ke Bàng, Son Doong is recognized as the most beautiful and big cave of the world. This cave is 8,5 km deep and requires a few days to visit but mostly a big budget and time to wait: two years for the waiting list! If you don't want to wait, you still can visit one of the many caves of the national park which are also very beautiful and spectacular.

Why this destination?

Perfect for serious adventurers lovers and speleology addicts

To be one of the privileged visitors on these hidden treasures

For an original trip (need to be prepared and chosen seriously) 

Pleiku & Kon Tum Highlands 

Located 830 km from Nha Trang, Pleiku is well-known for it markets where you can find one of the best tea and coffee of the country. Very quiet region, there is not many things to do but relax and enjoy the volcanic landscapes and fossilized trees forest. 
Kon Tum region is the home of many minorities representants as Xo Dang, Ba Na, Gie Trieng, Brau, Gia Rai and Ro Mam which gives a really good opportunity to understand Vietnam cultural diversity. 

Why this destination?

Perfect for photograph lovers and slow travelers

To immerse yourself in the quiet daily life of minorities

For an original trip off the beaten tracks

South of Vietnam

The South of Vietnam is well-known for it beautiful Mekong Delta and the reference of cult war movies. Enjoying a tropical climate, this region is the most sunny of Vietnam, with a period of monsoon. Discover the unique life style of the Mekong Delta, enjoy an awesome sunbath session with the incredible seaview of Con Dao, have fun crossing the crazy streets of Saigon, ...

Mũi Né & others beaches 


Water sports and gigantic sand dunes. Mui Ne is a sun and sand lover’s paradise. Head here for active adventures such as windsurfing, sand boarding and plenty of swimming. 
All along the coast to Ho Chi Minh City, you can find your perfect beach until Vung Tau-Ba Ria.

Why this destination?

Perfect for water sports' lovers

To discover fishing villages' life

For a short beach break before departure

Formerly known as Saigon, today Ho Chi Minh City is Vietnam’s commercial center. A melting pot that is fast developing into a major regional center. The city’s dynamic energy is apparent in the bustling street scenes with thousands of motorbikes constantly on the move. Although it retains elements of traditional Vietnamese character, Ho Chi Minh City is decidedly modern, with fine restaurants, smart hotels and chic bars jostling with sidewalk noodle stands, markets and shoeshine boys. Head here for non-stop living, the buzzing of motorbikes merging with the cries of street vendors and a wealth of sights and sounds day and night.

Sài Gòn 

Why this destination?

Perfect for tradi-modern architecture lovers

To discover Vietnam history of the past 60 years

For a shopping and city getaway

Phu Quoc and Con Dao Islands, little heavens on earth, are idyllic escapes from the bustle of Saigon. A short flight reveals these oasis offer excellent opportunity of walking tour in the preserved forests and deserted beaches. Between December and February conditions are awesome to enjoy snorkeling and farniente. Known around the world for its fish sauce, Phu Quoc is also surprisingly one of Vietnams premier pepper growing regions. Con Dao is less known but is as interesting as Phu Quoc, especially for it historical heritage. Head here for beach escapes and amazing seafood.

Phú Quốc & Côn Đảo 


Why this destination?

Perfect for a romantic trip and for couples

To enjoy white sand beach and high quality hotels

For a beach break before departure from Ho Chi Minh City

Mê Kông Delta 


Mekong Delta offers various splendid landscapes: from ricefields to coconuts trees, but also mangroves housing traditional villages and the famous floating markets. Linking Vietnam to Cambodia, then Laos, the Mekong is the source of income of all the cities of the region as Can Tho, My Tho, Chau Doc, Vinh Long, ... Local population totally depends on the big river and adapts to it, giving us a true life lesson.

Why this destination?

Perfect for trekking and cycling tours lovers 

To enjoy the many river arms on typical boats

For a short trip before reaching Cambodia by the river

High on the mountain plateau above Nha Trang, Da Lat has long been known as the perfect summer retreat for locals and visitors alike. Da Lat is also Vietnam’s honeymoon city and the misty mountains and lush greenery certainly uphold this romantic image. A small city built surrounding a high mountain lake, Da Lat is unlike any other place in Vietnam. Head here for the country’s freshest fruits and vegetables, coffee plantations, vineyards and endless fields of flowers dotting the surrounding countryside.

Đà Lạt 


Why this destination?

Perfect for a romantic getaway or trekking new enthusiasts

To enjoy the former french summer station and nature

For an extension or break on your Vietnam trip